The exciting start of a life-long journey!

We love to hear our students’ stories. Here Sarah tells us why she signed up to our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and how it helped her learn that yoga is much more than just making shapes.

What course did you do at BSY?

200 hour hatha weekend course.

What made you decide to do yoga teacher training?

After doing yoga for 15 years I was inspired by my Vinyasa Flow teacher who is a dancer and realised that the combination of yoga with my previous drama and movement training and teaching was the next step forward to grow in my work as a teacher and in my own practice.

Was the training what you expected?

Yes, and much more. I have always been drawn to the physical aspects of yoga because that’s the part I found easy, sitting still and doing nothing is challenging for me. Since doing the course I have questioned myself and how I function in my work and beyond, thought more about how I relate to my family and others and surprised myself by becoming really interested in the subtle body. It’s the exciting start of a life long journey!

Bristol School of Yoga Hatha teacher training course

What were your biggest concerns before you began?

My ego! I wasn’t sure quite where exactly I wanted to go with the training once I had done it. I thought people might expect me to be a sole yoga teacher and I wasn’t ready to think about it then.

Has the training affected your own practice?

Yes definitely. I pay attention to my alignment in much more detail and am way more mindful in my practice. I used to sometimes throw myself into poses. (I’m quite flexible).

What was your favourite part of the course?

Ah…lots! Talking about old, wise texts, seeing how they relate to today, doing the essays (studying was such a pleasure) Laura and Ashley’s teaching, Laura’s humour, my fellow classmates, shared lunch, laughs, tears together. Fighting my own ego and learning so much about myself. Being grumpy, tired and it being ok, teaching and finding out I was alright at it, visiting tutors and so much more.

What advice would you give to new students or anyone thinking of doing the Teacher training course?

If you keep thinking about it just do it, you will get just what you need!

Are you currently teaching?

Yes! I currently teach at Brave Move Studio in Bedminster


Posted on March 6, 2019