The Fire of Manifestation

The downward current of prana is sometimes called the current of manifestation (Adodea Judith) or the Shakti current (Tantra tradition). Shifting the prana downwards through the chakras enables one to connect into divine inspiration, dreams, or visions and to clear obstacles that may be held in relation to each chakra.

By clearly elucadating one’s vision at the ajna chakra (3rd eye or command centre) the purpose of one’s life is already closer. Putting this vision into words clarifies the intention and brings the energy of the communication chakra at the vishuddhi (throat). We can then fuel this vision with love and compassion towards ourselves and others at the heart chakra. Then fire it up at the manipura, third chakra of the naval (related to the fire element). Then perceiving the movement, the joy, the pleasure of manifesting ones dreams brings the swadishtana chakra into play (water element in the pelvis) and lastly envisaging the step by step of manifesting the vision brings it right down to the ground and to ones feet to the physical level of the earth chakra- (muladhara).

This process can be enlightening and transformational at any time, but works well during the cold dark winter months when our energy turns to the inner light. Work with a quality of acceptance of oneself, exactly as you are now.

Here’s a practice I have developed step by step:

STEP 1:-

1. Sit or lie in meditation, cultivate a quality of acceptance or compassion towards yourself
2. Breath into the sacred centre of your being, scanning along the chakra/ sushumna nadi pathways
3. Focus the attention on Sahasrara (crown) invoke your sense of connection to your divine inspiration, or higher self, seeking clarity/ guidance
4. At ajna chakra envisage your dream, or life’s purpose. See in detail
5. Connect to the throat area and imagine communicating your dream effectively so that others become involved
6. With attention at the heart imagine infusing the process with love and allowing the vision to bring about compassion
7. Bring the attention to the naval and free the heat and fire here that will infuse this vision with energy and bring it to fruition
8. At the pelvis feel the power of your prana coursing through you, sensual and joyous and feel that this will bring your desire to manifest.
9. With attention on the tailbone or legs imagine exact steps that are possible and see them happening.

STEP 2: –

If you come across any specific obstacles, if a chakra region or energy feels elusive or cloudy; connect again to acceptance, and see what limiting self belief is held here. It is likely to relate to the “programme” this chakra runs. “No-one will listen to me” at the throat, or “I don’t have the money” at the roots.
Having identified this, offer yourself an affirmation that allows you to see your limiting belief is not the whole truth: “I am able to speak my truth and communicate effectively” or “there is funding available for new projects” or “the universe has ways of providing for me”

STEP 3:-

Then return the vision and run through the process once more, quite lightly as easefully and just allow the energy to have shifted, even if a little.

STEP 4: –

Lastly write the vision down and your new affirmation(s). If you like you can burn the paper as an offering to the divine inspiration or your higher knowledge. With hands on heart offer yourself your affirmation three times, and see your vision clearly.

With special thanks for the teachings of Anodea Judith who has inspired me to share my humble understanding of the chakras.

Posted on January 11, 2018