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Advanced Yoga Training 300-hour

Bristol School of Yoga is committed to supporting yoga teachers to continue to develop in their practice and teaching. We strongly believe the best way to do this, is to continue learning in an inspiring and supportive environment.

Laura Gilmore shares her expertise to guide your teaching and practice to greater depths in our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Training.

Our flexible, modular 300-hour Advanced Yoga Training allows you to build up an additional 300 hours of training which combined with your 200hr yoga teacher certificate gives you 500-hours of Yoga training.

You can join the course at any time as the core modules are continually rolling.

Our 300-hour Advanced Training course has met the requirements set by Yoga Alliance USA, which means all our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA after the course.  The course is also recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) as Further Training, contributing towards your Associate Level 2.

Course Structure

Build up your 300 hours of additional training from our 6 core modules and a choice of 2 additional specialist intensives (at an additional cost).

Core Modules

  • The Art of Sequencing - This 4-day module exploring the role of sequencing in creating ease and balance for the body and mind. We also focus on asana, pranayama and meditation to create balance of the subtle body. If you are considering the 300hr course this is a logical starting point to furthering your studies, teaching and practice. (Although you can start on any Intensive)
  • Subtle Body - Prana and Pranayama - Explore your energy sources and learn to discern the effects of your practice on your prana. This course gives you intellectual and practical tools to understand and experience the energy body.
  • Myofascial Release Through Touch, Movement and Yoga - Transform your body, practice and yoga teaching through an applied understanding of myofascia, the connective tissue which can become “stuck” and hold our bodies in patterns of discomfort and stress.
  • Subtle Body - Balancing the Chakras - Balance the chakras and discover the physical and mental strengths deep-rooted within your body. By awakening and balancing the chakras, we bring about a deep process of healing physical and mental suffering. This transformational process is available to us through practices which zone into the energy body and are specific to the chakras.
  • The Art of Adjusting Asana - Our adjustments module will help you to deliver a more effective yoga class. You will learn to adjust in a way that empowers the student and increases their own awareness of their body-mind.
  • Subtle Body - Earth to Flight Through the Bandhas - This core module gives you the chance to understand and experience the bandhas as the secret tantra techniques they really are: the release and channelling of prana.
In addition to the core modules, you must complete two intensive courses of your choosing, this will be at an additional cost.
The total hours of your specialist intensives must be at least 70 hours, and the course should be recognised by Yoga Alliance USA or Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).
We have given this option to allow you to build your hours with intensives run by other teachers and schools. Any additional training you have completed since doing your 200hr training may go towards these hours as long as the course was accredited.
Additional intensives available at Bristol School of Yoga (BSY) include Pregnancy Yoga, Hatha & Vinyasa Sequencing and Yin Yoga (others are being developed).

Alternatively, you may decide to take one of your intensives as an apprenticeship with Laura Gilmore or another of the BSY key teachers. The apprenticeship can be tailored to an area of your interest or an area you want to develop your teaching in e.g. how to run a workshop or yoga retreat.

In-depth 300-hour Advanced Training

  • Supports your ongoing personal and professional development, so your experience helps you to teach with authenticity
  • Covers yoga teachings developed from the search for perennial truths, the discovery of a reality that withstands anything we throw at it.
  • Gives you the skills and experience you need to get your practice and teaching flowing together in a synchronised and organic whole
  • Enables you to teach varied classes, workshops and retreats to all levels of students
  • Allows you to gain a depth of knowledge to help you become an exceptional teacher of yoga
  • In addition to this, you will be qualified to teach two other methods or traditions of yoga based on your choice of intensive courses or specialist yoga training.  A variety of intensive courses are available at Bristol School of Yoga, including Pregnancy Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yin Yoga.  You can also undertake an apprenticeship as one of your chosen intensives.

"I knew that I could go off by myself and read the books, do the practice, but I also felt that I’d benefit from the supportive environment of BSY and the excellent teachers there to help guide me as I continued my learning journey.

200 hours training is like the initiation into the wider world of yoga, and my 300 hours is helping me to dive deeper into my practice, the traditions and knowledge of the yogis that have gone before - and ultimately this thing called life!"

Jake Jones

Why train with Bristol School of Yoga?

  • Be reassured that you are getting the highest quality of teaching from experienced teachers.
  • Have the attention you require – small teaching groups to ensure 1-1 treatment.
  • Be able to teach worldwide, we are accredited with Yoga Alliance UK and USA.
  • Be taught a detailed and comprehensive syllabus -  truly understand the philosophy of yoga, about your mental and physical practice and about yourself.
  • Have all the tools you need to teach.
  • Be a part of something – a lot of our graduates have gone on to open their own studios in the South West or teach at Bristol City Yoga.
  • Set up a payment plan that works for you – we offer flexible payment plans and monthly instalments.

Course Teacher

Laura Gilmore leads the training programmes at Bristol School of Yoga. Laura has been teaching yoga since 2002 and is certified to train teachers to the highest level. Laura shares an in depth knowledge of yoga traditions, meditation practices, pranayama techniques. She is known for intelligently sequencing classes to enable students to move deeper into the asana whilst focusing the mind. Laura teaches with frankness, warmth, and humour, always celebrating the absurd and the beautiful of being human.


You must have a yoga teaching qualification (e.g. 200 hour, level 1 Yoga Alliance Professionals course) as a prerequisite for Advanced Yoga Training.

Duration & Assignments

The course consists of six four day modules (Thursday – Sunday) spread over a period of 12 - 24 months.  You will also need to study up to two intensive courses or specialist yoga trainings of your choice at an additional cost.  These intensive yoga courses need to make up a total of 70 hours to contribute to your Advanced Training course.

You can follow our designated 300 hour course route which is designed to create a logical and cohesive structure to maximise the depth of your experience.

It is a flexible rolling course, allowing you to start the course at a time that suits you, and to count the hours of study towards the total 300 hours required. Some intensives are repeated annually and others bi-annually. On completion of the 300hr course, you will receive a BSY Certificate listing all the core modules you have studied.

We ask you to write a 5,000-word essay on a subject of your choice towards the end of your training.

Payment Plan

You can pay the course off in full or sign up to a payment plan.
Below is an example of a payment plan, please get in touch for more information;

£1,000 - Deposit on application to reserve your space on the course
£350 - 2nd March
£350 - 2nd April
£350 - 2nd May
£350 - 2nd June
£350 - 2nd July

As you can join this course at any time, the payment dates are subject to change.

We are now offering a £250 discount off this Advanced Training course to students who have completed their 200hr Teacher Training with Bristol School of Yoga - if you book on within 12 months of graduating.

Please get in touch for more details.

Reading List

If you would like to refer to the reading list click here.

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