Advanced Yoga Training

Advanced Yoga Training

Yoga Alliance 300-hour

Are you ready to take your teaching to a whole new level?
Be inspired and transform the way you experience and teach yoga with our Advanced Yoga training.

This advanced training course will take your knowledge of yoga to new depths and broaden your expertise. It is an experiential course, weaving together theory and practice, to bring the studies to life. Each intensive explores a specific theme, illuminated by teachings from ancient India to the most recent scientific discoveries in, for example, neurology, fascia, and endocrinology. Every day of the course includes practice sessions, from the yoga tradition and other healing arts, so that you can fully integrate your new knowledge. In this way, your practice will blossom and you will teach yoga with confidence and authenticity.

Advanced yoga training

Advanced Yoga Training Course Content

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Functional strength practices
  • Integrated & applied study of ancient texts
  • Traditional & contemporary asana practices
  • Study of alignment & how to read the body
  • Therapeutic application of yoga for common ailments
  • In-depth pranayama practice, theory and therapeutic application
  • Self-enquiry through chakras, meditation and group sharing

Applied and theoretical anatomy including fascia, endocrine system and the vagus nerve

  • A broad spectrum of yoga and movement practices
  • Study and experience of the subtle-body including prana and vayus
  • In-depth study of creative sequencing
  • Practice and study of adjustments for all students
  • Understanding of how to incorporate different levels of students in a class
  • History of yoga to the present day
  • Non-dogmatic approach to yoga philosophy

95% of our trainees teach yoga within a week of qualifying

Advanced yoga training

The 300-hour course has been nothing less than a gift. It has provided me with a time to explore more for myself what I had learnt in the theory of the 200-hour course. Less a feeling of learning and more a sense of experiencing and deepening my understanding. Laura’s classes are always so much fun and of course insightful!

Why train with Bristol School of Yoga?

  • Small group sizes (18 max)
  • Ongoing support throughout the course
  • Depth of knowledge offered by expert tutors
  • Creative training incorporating up to date research from relevant fields
yoga teacher uk Laura Gilmore

Course Teacher

Laura Gilmore loves to share her in-depth knowledge of yoga traditions, meditation practices, yoga philosophy and pranayama techniques. Certified to train teachers to the highest level, all training programmes here at BSY are led by Laura who has been teaching since 2002. Laura brings warmth and humour to the yoga studio and is well loved by her students.

Course Structure

6 Core Intensives

This course has 6 core, compulsory Intensives included in your course fee which run Thursday-Sunday inclusive. These 6 core intensives run over a 12-18 month period.

Optional Intensives

In addition to the core Intensives you need 70+ training hours chosen from a range of optional Intensives and paid for separately. The optional Intensives may be taken at BSY or a different Yoga Alliance course provider. The course must be recognised by either Yoga Alliance USA or Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK). These additional Intensives may be taken before, during or after the six core Intensives, to suit you.

Each Intensive is listed below with a brief description. You can find more detail on each Intensive page.

Advanced Yoga training class with Laura Gilmore

Core Intensives

1. The Art & Science of Sequencing

This fresh look at sequencing will clarify your intentions in your practice and teaching so that this can manifest in your classes. This is an advanced training Intensive, offering you a chance to expand your movement vocabulary. With everything from gentle sequences to ease out tensions, to advanced poses, glamorous transitions, arm balances and inversions, this is both a nourishing and playful course.

You will learn to break down complex poses to key actions so that each student is safely guided to their safe place within the pose. A deeper appreciation of the poses will enable you to include different levels of students in creative, seamless sequences that can open and stabilise body and mind.

This Intensive gives you the resources and depth of understanding you need to effortlessly create an array of different classes without the need for laborious planning. We also explore the place for intuitive sequencing, or simply seeing what’s needed for the class on the day.
Most importantly we enjoy a playful approach, a sharing of movement and ideas, pooling knowledge and creativity with your peers.

2. The Web of Life- Prana, Pranayama & Fascia

This intensive weaves together the ancient teachings of prana, with practices to sensitize and expand our awareness of our pranamaya kosha- or energetic body. We discover the relationship between the ancient teachings of prana and the most recent scientific research on fascia and the fascinating overlay between these deep within our own bodies!

3. Chakras- The Wheels of Life

Ever wonder what makes you tick? Why you experience things as you do? Why your body has its particular shape? And you are prone to certain ailments?
This advanced training course dives deep into how the chakras manage different aspects of our human experience, our minds, bodies and spirits. You will study the ancient yogis understanding of chakras and bring it up to date with the pioneering psychological work of Anodea Judith. With both study and practical methods to feel and explore your own prana system, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. This course enables you to recognise the play of the chakras in yourself and your students and gives you practical techniques to bring about greater balance and healing, enjoy a more enriched and fulfilling life, and support others to do the same.

4. The Art of Reading & Adjusting Asana - Standing and seated poses

Do you sometimes see that something's 'not quite right' with your student’s pose, but can’t quite work out how to change things? Or you don’t feel confident to get in there and adjust? This course will give you the ability to read what needs to happen and the hands-on skills to transform your student’s experience of the pose.
Discover the art of touch as a means to bring about alignment of the physical and subtle bodies, the healing touch. You will learn to empower the student and increases their own awareness of their body-mind.

5. The Art of Reading & Adjusting Asana -Backbends and Inversions

It takes time to understand the language of the body and gain confidence in supporting students with backbends and inversions. This Intensive will explore how the spine moves and how we can adapt and adjust backbends and inversions for all levels of students. Enjoy the playful approach of this Intensive and as you gain confidence in your own practice and adjustments. You will feel ready to take your students to the next level.

6. Unlocking the Secrets of the Bandhas

An in-depth exploration of the tantra practice of bandhas and the release and channelling of prana for health, vitality and focus. We bring this to life through the study of ancient texts, imagery, the study of the nervous system, and practical techniques from yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. You will deepen your understanding of the interplay of life force in the body and mind and have some fun along the way with lightness, ease and grace in asana, pranayama and meditation practice.

Advanced yoga training group

Optional Intensives

To complete the 300-hour training you will join either two four-day Intensives or one six-day Intensive, making up the 70+hours needed for certification, this gives you the opportunity to shape the advanced training into the perfect course for you. You can find the full list of Intensives here.







A 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate

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The course can be taken as a full Advanced yoga training, with each core intensive taken as it arises. Plus the two additional optional intensives taken at a date and time to suit you.

The next course can be started in November 2019 with the Bandhas core intensive, through to the Chakras core intensive in Sept. 2020. (full list on the right)

OR start in January 2020 and run through to the Bandhas intensive in December 2020. (full list on the right)

Alternatively if you cannot sign up to the full 300 hour programme in one go, you may take intensives to suit you, and add the hours together and then apply to Yoga Alliance US or UK yourself for the hours to be added together for your full 500 hour certification. For this option book onto our Intensives to suit you.

Reading List

If you would like to refer to the reading list please, click here.


Pre-course reading for each Intensive plus one 5,000-word essay on a subject of your choice (towards the end of the 300-hour training).

Payment Plans

Option 1: Prepayment of the course fees in full

Option 2: A deposit of £1000 followed by ten monthly instalments of £175

*BSY 200-hour graduates receive a £250 discount if booked within a year of completing the 200-hour.


The course is registered with and certified by  Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and by Yoga Alliance US. The 300- hour training in addition to your earlier 200-hour training, certifies you at a 500-hour level.

On completion of the 300-hour training, you will receive a Bristol School of Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certificate, listing the core Intensives you have studied.


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