So what is Yoga Teacher Training like?

Rob and Lizzie give you the insiders view

Embarking on a YTT is a big decision, ‘How will I manage the cost?’, ‘Do I have the time?’ and quite frankly… ‘I’m scared!’ We hear these concerns all the time. Parting with your hard earned cash to embark on a course that will take up a lot of your time is no easy decision to make.

Read on to hear what Rob and Lizzie have to say about how it was for them when they took the dive into yoga teacher training. Lizzie has completed both the 200 and 300 hour yoga training here with us and Rob has just begun his journey as a fully fledged yoga teacher on completion of our 200 hour training.

What was your biggest block around starting your Yoga teacher training course?

Rob – Having the courage, conviction and self-belief to follow my heart and my dreams to do the course which I had long considered. I had never really thought of myself as being a yoga teacher, although the encouragement and support of family, friends and teachers such as Mel Skinner made a big difference. Just to add that being a man, in the back of my mind, I thought what others would think, but this soon passed…

Lizzie – My massive fear of standing up in front of a group of strangers and speaking, I never thought it was something I would be able to do without going bright red and sweating profusely!


How did you find fitting the yoga training into your life?

Rob – Bloody difficult! I had a sense of what I was letting myself in for by reading the website, reading list, course programme etc. Nothing could have prepared me for that 1st module when Laura and Charlie ran through the modules and assignments and the realisation of what lay ahead. What I came to realise was that even for a busy dad with a high-pressure job,

if you really want something, you can find the time.


More often than not, this meant me getting up before my boys woke and it just became part of my new routine. I love starting the day with yoga. Doing this course, you really have to give 100% of whatever time you’ve available, but then the rewards from the learning increase ten-fold.

Lizzie – The course is an emotional and spiritual journey, it encompasses so much more than learning to teach people physical postures so I had to create some more space in my life for practice and processing, which is a good thing!  The course requires a lot of time, headspace and commitment – but it was completely worth it.


What has the course given you, in 3 words?

Rob –  Life    changing    experience

Lizzie –  Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Rob and Lizzie have fully integrated yoga into their daily lives and both teach, in fact, they started teaching during their first yoga teacher training course, as with all our YTT students. Lizzie is now also studio manager for our sister company Bristol City Yoga, she assists Laura on our teacher training courses and teaches her own yoga classes as well as regular practice at home.

Rob’s teaching felt like a “seamless” transition from student to qualified teacher. He recently ran a Yoga for Cyclists 6-week course at the 73 Degrees bike shop in Bristol which sold out within 24 hours and has started a Yoga for Men drop-in class in Keynsham. His mission to get more men into yoga has had a lot of support from both men and women and you can read more on this in Rob’s blog post, Yoga for the Male Body.

I’m really into inspiring people that would never have considered doing yoga before to give it a go & get on mat.
Rob Reid

Rob has also been volunteering in schools teaching yoga, developing initiatives to encourage more schools to incorporate yoga into the curriculum, ready for changes to the national curriculum from 2020.

If you’re interested in taking the plunge into yoga training for personal practice or to teach, you can either apply for a course online, check out our FAQs page, come to an open dayemail us or call Kassia for a chat on: 0117 290 0273


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Posted on September 12, 2018