Ashtanga yoga training with Bristol School of Yoga

If you’re wondering whether yoga training is a good idea, you must read this…

Kate is currently studying on our 200 hour Ashtanga and Yin yoga training course, in this interview she gives us an insight into some her initial fears like ‘Am I too old’ and how there is never a ‘right’ time so just ‘do it’!

What made you decide to do yoga teacher training?

I had been practising for over 20 years and wanted to deepen my understanding and broaden my knowledge of yoga. I had attended a variety of workshops including an introduction to teacher training and thoroughly enjoyed them. It seemed the logical next step.

Was the training what you expected?

Yes and no. Yes – the level of detail with which we examined each topic was what I had hoped for. Indeed, it has given me a thirst to learn a whole lot more!
And no – I didn’t expect the course to have such a positive impact on my life. It has given me cause to reflect in so many ways.

What were your biggest concerns before you began?

My main concern was how to juggle my family life while on the course (particularly as I was travelling to Bristol from London) and believe me, school holidays were a long haul but well worth it! Keeping on top of the work as well as attending the course itself required a bit of organisation but a good exercise in self discipline!
I guess I also worried about being too long in tooth to qualify as a teacher. Melanie was so supportive in this regard, saying that older teachers have a lot to offer. I realised that was true when I came to teach friends at home. My fabulous sangha also had a cross section of age groups, so I need not have fretted.


Kate, Ashtanga teacher training student with Bristol School of Yoga

Kate with her other love, the mountains

How has the training affected your own practice?

The course has made me approach my practice with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. I often struggled to find time on my mat when things got hectic, ironically when I needed it most. I am now enjoying exploring second series back bends and twists. An added bonus is that when I’m experiencing any sticking points during practice, I now have the anatomical tools to examine and address those things in greater detail.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

I think for me, the yin has been the biggest eye-opener. I generally used to counterbalance my ashtanga practice with restorative yoga and had done only a little yin previously. While restorative still serves an important purpose for me, the yin practice has been transformative for my body. The stillness of the practice is just bliss! Mel, Rachel and the other students provided such a safe safe and we shared the whole spectrum of emotions. We have shared the whole spectrum of emotions and never felt judged. Warmth and support were in abundance. I am forever grateful.

What advice would you give to new students or anyone thinking of doing the Ashtanga & Yin Teacher training course?

Don’t put it off … there will never be a perfect time to do teacher training! I procrastinated for far too long. Stuff will always come up before, during, after but that is life. It is our yoga that will guide us through that journey.


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Posted on November 12, 2018