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Whether you know you want to teach or you simply want to learn more, this course is the

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Sue Turner, one of our past Yoga in Depth students, tells us about her experience with our Yoga in Depth course. Sue was 59 years old when she attended Yoga in Depth and on finishing the course, once semi-retired, she began our 200 hour yoga teacher training course. In Sue’s working life she trained as a nurse for people with a learning disability, and her final role was the ‘learning disability lead’ for the NDTi, supporting organisations, NHS, Local Authorities and providers to offer a better service to people with learning disabilities.

I have been doing yoga for nearly 30 years, but for me it has been a slow burn. A friend recommended yoga because as a runner, I was beginning to experience stiffness. But from the first yoga class, I realised there was more to it than stretching. Still, for years I just went once a week so I made rather slow progress. Eventually, it dawned on me that home practice would be a good idea and I bought my first yoga mat. I also went on my first yoga holiday. I felt so good after that.

But getting yoga into my busy working life, which entailed lots of travel, long days and nights in hotels, remained a challenge (discovering that there was such a thing as a travelling yoga mat helped). However, I did begin to practice more and went on retreats when I could. I also went on a meditation course at the Bristol Buddhist Centre and gradually began to build meditation into my life. I knew yoga was doing me good, physically and mentally, and I wanted to know more about it.

Then I spotted the Yoga in Depth course. It came at a good time for me as I had reduced my working hours to four days a week, so I signed up. It was just what I wanted. We covered a wide range of topics including the basic philosophy behind yoga, home practice and alignment principles, the key principles of asana, restorative yoga including yoga nidra, the subtle body, chakras, koshas and an introduction to Ayurveda. We were also given a pre-course reading list, and because I was doing the course it motivated me to read the books.

I found the whole course fascinating. It was lovely to be with a group of people all interested in the same thing, and we had a range of excellent teachers.  As I started to progress through the course I began to think seriously about my teacher training. I knew I would have more time available soon as I was due to semi-retire at the end of March, but I was worried that it would now be a bit late in life to start. However, teachers on the course reassured me that this was not the case and I signed up for the 200 hour YTT.

So, I have now finished my first module of the 200 Hour Teacher Training. It was an intense four days and a bit daunting to begin with. Although I had heard the same instructions when going into asana poses for many years, it is a different thing altogether when you have to say them yourself. However, the Yoga in Depth course did give me a good grounding into some of the theory behind the poses and gave me some confidence so I had some space to just enjoy the course. The Yoga in Depth course had also encouraged me to do more home practice – and of course, I am doing even more now. I know I have rather a lot of things I do need to practice! But I know it is also about my overall approach to life, not just about my ability (or not) to do a handstand. It was certainly a good decision to sign up. I am really enjoying the YTT , thanks to the encouragement I got on the Yoga in Depth course.

Sue Turner


Yoga in Depth offers you the chance to develop your asana practice, absorb the philosophy of yoga and begin to

integrate yoga into your daily life.

We’ve designed Yoga in Depth to fit around your life, so you can book the whole course or choose specific modules and if you’re worried about time commitments this course perfectly prepares you for the 200 hour teacher trainings.

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Posted on October 26, 2018