Student Essays

Learning how to let go

What is detachment? Have you ever worried so much about the destination that you forgot to enjoy the journey? Have you ever felt so anxious and stressed about the results of your actions that you were unable to focus on and enjoy your efforts? Do you sometimes feel like you are being controlled by your…

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Student essay – The Three Little Pigunas: after Grimm

Bhagavad Gitta Essay by Moira Hunt, 200hr graduate Students on our 200hr Hatha Teacher training are asked to read and review some key Yoga texts, including the Bhagavad Gita. Moira’s creative and entertaining take on the three Gunas made us all smile and she has kindly agreed to us sharing it with you. We love…

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Could I Convince Jeremy Paxman to Try Yoga?

Kirsten very kindly gave us her blessing to share her final, 3000-word essay with you all. In this last assignment, students are asked to write about whatever they like, some make it personal to them, some are more academic, for example looking at statistics on how yoga helps anxiety, some are philosophical and some are…

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