Megan Barry from Wales, student of Bristol School of Yoga

Before starting yoga, ex gym-bunny Megan couldn’t reach her knees

From suffering with bouts of anxiety and being so stiff she couldn’t reach her knees, Megan is now a fully fledged yoga teacher who knows how to cope when things start to feel pressured.

We interviewed our ex-student to find out,

What’s changed since yoga came into your life?

So my first ever yoga class was in the gym I used to train at in Newport, South Wales. I weight trained 6 days a week, every week, without fail. To say I was stiff is a huge understatement. I never stretched or gave my body the movement it really needed, so I was recommended by a friend to try a yoga class to help with the stiffness. I didn’t enjoy the first class because I felt a bit embarrassed at how stiff and tight my muscles were and I couldn’t touch my knees let alone my toes.

Little did I know that I would fall in love with yoga, and not for the reason I originally signed up for. I fell in love with yoga because of how it made me feel, this internal calm after each class.

I decided to make it a more regular habit and I’m forever grateful to the friend who recommended yoga.

Megan Barry, past student of Bristol School of Yoga

What’s it like setting up as a yoga teacher?

I actually didn’t find it that daunting or difficult as I previously thought I would. BSY really prepared me for the teaching world whilst training. We had to gather a group of friends/family and plan/teach 6 lessons, well I just put it out there on my Facebook and hoped for the best…

Those 6 classes really helped with my teaching confidence so I continued the class at The Treatment Room in Newport and still teach many of the same people today. I don’t have a website or business cards etc yet, those things will come, but I have lots of lovely humans who want to join me on the mat so I’m happy.

We don’t need to over complicate it at the beginning, just start somewhere.

What does yoga give you?

Wow. So much. It has given me so many tools to take into my daily life. I have always suffered from bouts of anxiety and through practising yoga, I have taught myself how to cope when this happens. I’m not saying it works every single time or that it can cure anxiety, but it helps. It quiets my mind when my mind is in overdrive, it’s like my form of therapy.

Did you have fears before you embarked on yoga training and what were they?

Oh yes. I was so so nervous. Nervous about meeting new people. Nervous about talking in front of a group of people I didn’t know. I feared that I wouldn’t be good enough to teach, feared that I didn’t know enough about the philosophy and history.

But even with all those fears it was the best, most life-changing thing I have done thus far.

Meg Barry, past yoga student of Bristol School of Yoga

What would you say to anyone considering a YTT?

Just do it! If teaching yoga is what you want then go for it. Start now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time, I’d like to have more training under my belt, I want to start my 300hr yoga teacher training soon so would like that completed within the next 5 years. I’ve been slowly reducing my hours in the office, and my aim is to be a fully self-employed yoga teacher by then also. Maybe married and a baby in tow as well! Ha!

Why did you choose BSY for your YTT?

I was recommended BSY by a yoga friend I had met in one of my regular studios. So from there, I looked into BSY and I really liked that the training was spread over 10 months, with 6 week breaks in between modules to really take in everything we learned on the previous module. I’m not a fast learner so for me this was perfect.

My fellow students were like a little family to me and I have changed so much as a person because of them all and the whole experience. It really did change my life in ways I can’t put into words.

Megan attended our 200 hour Hatha Yoga Training travelling from Newport where she was born and raised. “The commute was absolutely fine.  Sometimes if I was early I would grab an almond croissant and a cuppa from Pret on the way through Cabot Circus”.

If you’re looking for yoga in Wales Megan teaches mixed ability yoga classes in her home-town, Newport, in OneGym, Joe Perry’s Personal Training Club and The Treatment Room.

Bristol School of Yoga

If you’re interested in yoga training there’s plenty of information on our website and our FAQ page. Or if you prefer talking things through just give Kassia a call or email us HERE.

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Posted on March 13, 2019